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What the Goose and the Gander Have in Common

What the Goose and the Gander Have in Common

It’s an interesting phenomenon – the similarities between online shoppers and dropshippers. In reality, both are online shoppers, although customers are the retail end users, whereas the dropshippers themselves are shopping as dealers and suppliers, and their experiences and imperatives are different, no matter a large overlap at first glance. Both estore customers and dropshippers themselves want popular goods that are fairly priced, presented well and described transparently, and delivered timeously. That’s where the similarities end, however, as their worlds diverge from there on.

The retail customer buys a product and counts the days until it’s delivered. After the purchase, their role in the transaction ends – all they have to do is wait and enjoy the goods when they arrive. The dropshipper, however, as an online shopper, is looking for a wholesale online shopping experience. They don’t just place orders and sit back and wait. They have the conventional retail obligations of sourcing on a wholesale basis, stocking, pricing, and managing their online store for profitability. Their journey doesn’t end at purchase, but rather begins – they’re buying to sell again, and doing it with great customer service and attention to boot.

The Single Biggest Question About Wholesale Online Shopping

Where? That’s the big question. Even a casual glance at online forums will show that it’s the big question all over the world, not just in South Africa. Where indeed do you go to find a wholesale online shopping venue that is wholly focused on supplying etailers? And wait – before that’s answered – of course there are thousands of outlets who claim dropshipping supply to be their sole focus, but here the etailer enters an ocean of charlatans, wannabes, and simply useless (non)suppliers.

While everyone would like a piece of the dropshipping action, very few actually manifest what any dropshipper will need:

  • A dedicated focus on sourcing carefully researched goods and supplying dropshippers exclusively, especially when you’re looking for a company focused on South Africa.
  • A programme of currency, where they do the market research that ensures the products they offer are in demand, and profitable fast movers.
  • A diverse range that enables your expansion and constant freshness – a range of offered goods that will allow you to constantly refresh your offer to customers without becoming stale, which is fatal online.
  • And the clincher – a genuinely wholesale pricing structure. Many suppliers are in fact disingenuous, if not simply dishonest. They are not sourcing in bulk or manufacturing to enable them to supply dropshippers on a wholesale basis, but rather are etailers themselves, looking to skim a little off in-creased sales on a high-volume-low-margin basis. They’re dropshipping – to you! They’re not pre-senting an honest wholesale online shopping opportunity to you, they’re depressing your pricing and profits.

Ecomstock is Just What You’ve Been Looking For

The difference between OK-for-now suppliers like that, and a genuine online wholesale supplier, is that a genuine online wholesale supplier does nothing else! Their entire focus is on enabling dropshippers like you. You’ll know it when you see it, because you’ll find a great wholesaler’s prices enable your markup and overall structure. Their service is unambiguously, exclusively geared towards resellers like yourself, and the very nature of their business is all around enabling etail outlets, not flogging some stuff to dropshippers as an afterthought.

Ecomstock is a specialised wholesale supplier to South Africa’s online stores. We know the country, we understand the market, and we pride ourselves on being the go-to wholesaler for every South African dropshipper looking for quality goods and genuinely wholesale prices.

Our customers trust us with the crucial dropshipping aspects of range, supply, and delivery, and we reward them with our extensive, well-researched variety of goods, genuinely wholesale pricing structure, and a commitment to service and delivery unlike any other. Call us! We’ll partner in your success online, with pleasure, and all for your benefit.

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