Looking for stock for your online store?

Ecomstock offers wholesale pricing on a wide range of trending products. We offer the ability to drop-ship our products and have orders delivered directly to your customers.


Only R 699 / For 6 months


Make at least 30% margin on our products


A wide range of top trending products


2-Day Delivery times for main centres


Sell products without buying upfront

Making the world smaller with our quick drop-shipping lead-time allowing you to sell local and international products for South African market quickly, efficiently and in a manner that best suits your needs. We offer fast sourcing of products, fast shipping and better minimum order quantity at a competitive wholesale price. Our drop-shipping feature provides a great deal of convenience, as you do not have to keep goods in stock, we take care of that for you every time you make a sale.

List of services

- Providing a wide range of products for you to choose and sell on any market place (Takealot, Loot, shopify, Bidorbuy etc) in South Africa
- Fast shipping of products from our warehouse to the end user.
- Handling of returns on behalf of resellers.
- Liaising with companies such as uAfrica who provide delivery services at your request.
- We offer pick and pack services on your behalf.
- Offering wholesale prices.

How It Works 

Option 1:

You make a purchase at a minimum order quantity of 6 units per product.

The product is then shipped to the end user using a courier service of your choice to the allocated destination OR directly to you

Option 2:

A subscription service that enables you to purchase single units over 6 months. The subscription exempts you from the normal “minimum order of 6 units” rule, thus allowing you to purchase any number of units for a particular product.

The product is then shipped to the end user using a courier service of your choice to the allocated destination OR directly to you

Dropshipping Membership

  • At Least 30% to 70% Profit Margin
  • Access to 500+ leading products
  • Full product warranty support
  • Delivery directly to your customers

R 699 / 6 months


Quick drop-shipping to Takealot DC

1: Make a sale on one of our products on Takealot and simply send us the following for fulfillment:
- Shipping Note
- Shipping label
- Product barcode
- Booking confirmation for Johannesburg distribution center

2: We will simply pick and pack for you and send the product to the relevant Takealot distribution centre
3: NB: We offer free delivery to the Takealot Johannesburg distribution centre
4: You will be required to send over your relevant courier of choice when sending goods to Takealot Cape Town distribution centre, a waybill will be signed and forwarded to you via email.
5: We also offer private labelling

Free paper work at no extra cost.