Display Underground Metal Detector - ecomstock
Display Underground Metal Detector - ecomstock
Display Underground Metal Detector - ecomstock
Display Underground Metal Detector - ecomstock

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Display Underground Metal Detector

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Display Underground Metal Detector is a kind of digital detector that uses the advanced central processor as the core circuit to deal with the conversion of a digital signal. It owns features of high accuracy and quick response, which can make the metal objects directly displayed on the LCD screen. This metal can make unwanted target elimination to help the user find the wanted metal. 

- Fully automatic and all-metal detectors: The detector detects all kinds of metal objects. Unless you have set some objects that you don't want to detect.
- LCD: The LCD comes with light, improves to identify the metal at night or in the caliginous exterior.
- Identity target: Detected objects are displayed on the LCD screen. You can immediately decide if the items are worth retrieving.
- Unwanted deletion target: You can configure the detector to not respond to some objects.
- Single-tone for target: You don't have to keep watching the LCD screen when an object is detected, it will generate a single tone corresponding to a target. You can even search when there is little or no light.
- Non-clumsy slack cable: Hidden search coil cable (the connection between the control unit and search coil) prevents tangles and to facilitate adjustment of stem length.
- Jack's headphones: For connecting headphones. Mono or stereo headphones can be used.
- Volume control: To adjust the output volume to the speaker or earphone.
- Battery status indicator: Shows the condition of the batteries in the battery compartment.
- Search Coil Waterproof: Allows you to use the detector in shallow water.
- Adjustable stem: Allows you to adjust the length of the detector for comfortable use. The micro plug connecting the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal, making the plug more reliable.
- Armrest and stem: Designed to eliminate stress on the forearm.
- The nylon holder further ensures the sliding of the hand compartment after holding the detector with arm for a long time.

- Battery: 6x1.5V AA alkaline batteries
- Operating current: Standby-65mA, max-150mA
- Operating voltage range: 72-9.6V Operating
- frequency : 7.5KHZ +/- 1KHZ
- Sensitivity: Minimum 8 inches (test coin: US 50 cent).

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1 X Display Underground Metal Detector

R 3,600.00
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