Imagination Car Slider - ecomstock
Imagination Car Slider - ecomstock

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Imagination Car Slider

R 138.00

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Nothing fascinates kids like car toys racing, it keeps their mind active while entertaining them at the same.Imagination car slider is a perfect gift for your kids.


  • Superior Quality Wooden Material with Excellent Polish and Precise Workmanship
  • Encourages developmental of thinking skills through play, as children figure out how it works
  • develops hand-eye coordination and organizational skills; Simple and fun to play with
  • Helps kids Solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, construct plans, evaluate ideas, organize information and create objects
  • Slightly curved ramps for cars to roll down, flip over and continue racing.

What's in the box:

1 x Imagination car slider
1 x 3 mini cars
R 138.00
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