Single Cup Breast Enhancement - ecomstock
Single Cup Breast Enhancement - ecomstock
Single Cup Breast Enhancement - ecomstock
Single Cup Breast Enhancement - ecomstock

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Single Cup Breast Enhancement

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Single Cup Breast Enhancement  is a suction system that reduces cellulite in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen using the Vacuum Therapy technique, considered the best therapeutic alternative for this skin problem.


-Fast breast enhancement. By vacuum adsorption principle help breast focus movement, increase breast contents, forceful increase quickly.

-Far infrared heating. Infrared wave energy source, all-round net type cover activated breast acupuncture points, increase the rate of free fat locking hoarding as high as 95%
-Using the vacuum adsorption swirl flow when the magnetic field, promote lymphatic flow unimpeded activate grows the factor to make the new breast fat molecules filled fully, so as to make achieve the effect of the healthy breast enhancement.

-Safety and health. Far infrared heating, the activation breast cell vitality, toxins detoxification in addition to promote metabolism ,improve microcirculation, dredge meridis, enhance immunity, prev-ention of mammary gland hyperplasia, pain, etc.
-Enjoy a perfect met amorphosis from A Cup to D Cup.Enlarging and enhancing the breast

-Maintaining the elasticity and uprightness of the breast
-Suitable For People:1. People who has dysphasia breast, flat breast.2. People who has sagging breast caused by breast-feeding or violent movement.3. People who got injection of milk refund, causing breast atrophy or nipple depression, breast deformity.


-Charger Output: DC3V,400mA
-Charger Input:100V-240V AC 60Hz
-Charging time :6-8 hours
What's in the box:
1 X Single Cup Breast Enhancement
1 X Manual 
2 X  Cups
1 X Adapter 
R 400.00
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