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Wholesale Online Shopping

Wholesale Online Shopping

Wholesale Online Shopping for Dropshippers in SA 

Legacy retail knew where to go to get wholesale prices, if they were not manufacturing themselves. Legacy land-based retailers had a steady string of reps visiting, and they got to know their way around their industries too, in order to keep their costs strictly wholesale, while selling retail. Where do you go when you are dropshipping in South Africa? Where do you find both a great catalogue for dropshippers, and genuinely wholesale prices that give the crucial edge you need to make a profit? Even for seasoned dropshippers, wading through all the wannabe suppliers is a constant drain on time, and often an equally constant journey of frustration. Quora, Reddit, and every other platform is full of posts from dropshippers expressing the same pain points. 

Where indeed do dropshippers go to buy their gear? Especially in South Africa, buying from the east or the west is a long haul. When there are only a few critical aspects to successful dropshipping, one being good supply defined by great gear and smart delivery, many struggle to realise a legitimate profit, or suffer under erratic supply. 

For dropshippers, wholesale online shopping can be a make-or-break journey. You need to find a reputable wholesale online store, dropshipping for dropshippers. That is what a dropshipping wholesaler does. They lay out the capital and warehouse the goods, and only after doing pretty exhaustive research to determine what is hot and what is not. They make low minimum orders, and they have a clear wholesale pricing structure, so that you can do correct sums, no surprises. 

Online Shopping Has Got a Whole Lot Easier 

Indeed, finding the right wholesale online shopping venue is a treat for any dropshipper who wants to grow their business to real value. Many wholesalers advertise online, but they are fishing. They either do not want small orders, or they are not interested in the South African market. When they do agree to supply you, it is a customs hassle, and when you do the math, you realise you will not be able to turn a profit on their goods anyway. This is not always the case of course, but these are the persistent issues dropshippers face. As a consumer, you can walk into your local greengrocer and get everything you need. Where do you do that as a dropshipper? 

Well, now that the local market is maturing and the country is more or less in line with a growing online shopping reality, it only makes sense that outlets like Ecomstock emerge to address the supply chain side of local dropshippers. Online shopping is heading towards 30% of annual retail sales, and dropshipping is a strong component of that. The sector is maturing. and there is no longer any reason South African dropshippers need to suffer a super-sized version of the traditional dropshipping hassles. Companies like Ecomstock are local, highly organised, and totally focused on local dropshippers’ success. That is the business model of a wholesale online shopping mall – we exist to service dropshippers. 

Go Into Dropshipping Profit with Ecomstock 

Ask any seasoned dropshipper how important goods quality is. Ask them how important consistent supply is. And ask them how critical pricing is in dropshipping, assuming you want to make money of course. Ecomstock addresses all three as a standard offer, simply because we are who we are. When it comes to wholesale online shopping venues, we are tops. We are here for dropshippers, deal exclusively with dropshipping, and we warehouse goods for your surety of delivery and client satisfaction. That is a huge portion of dropshipping wrapped up at a single one-stop wholesale online shop. 

Dropshipping remains a fun business model with which you can make serious money if you get it right. At Ecomstock, we are insisting dropshipping be fun, by removing all the bad bits. As a dropshipper, you need to spend your time and energy on marketing, not panicking about being able to fulfill orders or making money on them. Call Ecomstock, mail us, visit us at our online shopping gallery, and take a big leap towards dropshipping success.

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